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UK Garden Fencing have a large stocks of wall troughs and baskets in the Blacksmith wrought iron range all made from solid square section rod with strong welded joints with a barley twist finish ideal for Spring planting.

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  • Gardening Calendar

    May 31st 2015

    So we are on the brink of June, and all that that entails. Grass needs cutting on a very regular basis, weeds seem to be growing faster than ever, and vegetables are progressing well. Hopefully fruit has set, although a frost in early May did interfere with the blossoming of cherries, pears and plums. Mostly our apples are a bit later, so they should be safe. I don’t know why I worry about our cherry blossom setting, as we never see any of the fruit, the birds remove the small green cherries long before they are ready. In fact, the flesh is removed, and we find stones hanging on the tree. The large clump of crocus is now in a state whereby I feel able to lift and divide it, planting some in among our Black Mondo Grass, so the purple of the crocus will contrast well with the black strappy leaves of the grass. I shall use a thin dibbler to make holes, so I do not have to disturb the grass, which is well settled. The shade beds are doing very well, with rhododendrons flowering plentifully. The larger rhodos were already here when we moved in, and the shade beds have been created around them, with several new rhododendrons and a couple of azaleas being added to create the backbone of the beds. The smaller plants, such as geraniums and pulmonaria are groundcover and infill around these larger specimens. A very small clump of ransomes, or wild garlic, was planted last year, and now is slightly larger. I believe that this is one of those plants which takes a while to become established, but once it is, it romps away and increases significantly. At least, I do hope so.